BARBARA & ZVI in the Beginning

In 1986 Zvi and I started working together to help publish
Green Action in Tempe. Arizona.
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Green Action, an environmental newpaper  adopted the four pillars of the German Green Movement- Ecology (substainability), Social Justice, Grassroots Democracy, and Non Violence.

Much of what we have done is stories that will never be told, but I mention a few  here that we do take credit for... such as working with non-violence trainers who prepared activists for mass demonstrations at the Nevada test site and Rocky Flats New Mexico nuclear bomb production facility. Many peace groups and environmental whistle blowers were highlighted in Green Action news.

A main purpose of Green Action was for use as an organizing tool of the AZ Greens. We followed the lead of our predecessors, the German Greens. They are a group of self governing individuals who support the belief that hemp, marijuana was beneficial to our health and the environment. We took Green Action all over the United States and encouraged the growth of a National Green Party. Along the way we networked with groups such as NORML (National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws), MPP (Marijuana Policy Project), the Yippies with their flair of Marx Brothers theatrics, and many others.

Besides bundles of Green Action newspapers in the back of our old pickup truck, we carried many different things, including grapefruit from abandoned fields after farmers sold their AZ land to developers. This was donated to the food bank in Baltimore while we attended a peace conference one winter. At times we hauled cases of AZ dates, Hopi blue popcorn for wholesale around the country. Other times we carried cases of strawberry jam labeled 'Jam for Justice' from the Fayetteville Peace and Justice Center (Fayetteville AR), that we had gratefully received in a trade for our buttons and bumper stickers.

The stories are too numerous to keep track of over thousands of miles traveled in that relatively short period of time. Only after we settled in Key West did Zvi and I work with one specific target- to provide medical marijuana for the sick and dying.

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